Mayor Appoints Working Group to Recommend Changing Names of DC Facilities

Mayor Appoints Working Group to Recommend Changing Names of DC Facilities

By Larry Janezich

July 29, 2020

Wednesday, Mayor Bowser announced the establishment of the DC Facilities and Commemorative Expressions (DCFACES) Working Group.  DCFACES is charged with evaluating DC Government-owned facilities and “make recommendations as to what, if any, actions need to be taken if the person the facility is named for is inconsistent with DC values and in some way encouraged the oppression of African Americans and other communities of color or contributed to our long history of systemic racism.” The focus will be on DC Government-owned streets, DC Government-owned buildings (libraries, schools, rec centers, etc.), statues in DC Government–owned parks, and other named public spaces.

DCFACES is co-chaired by Beverly Perry, Bowser’s Senior Advisor, and Richard Reyes-Gavilan, Executive Director, DC Public Library.  A complete list of the membership is on the group’s  website (link below).

The mayor is encouraging input about what should be considered from residents who are asked to take a survey available on the DCFACES website, see here:

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One response to “Mayor Appoints Working Group to Recommend Changing Names of DC Facilities

  1. Gerald Sroufe

    Is it possible that we will have two DC entities dedicated to seeking out monuments or schools named after persons not reflective of 2020 DC values?
    One entity has been awaiting action in Chairman Mendelson’s Committee of The Whole since April 2019: The Advisory Committee on Monuments, Markers, and Symbols Establishment Act of 2019. While it was sponsored by all members of the Council, no action has been taken beyond an initial hearing. The other approach is the just announced is the Mayor’s Facilities and Commemorative Expressions (DCFACES) Working Group.

    The two approaches use similar language, both calling for identification of monuments or street names or school names that are “inconsistent with DC values.” What is different? The Mayor’s working group does not require additional legislation to become operational; appointments to the Mayor’s Working Group are made exclusively by the Mayor.