Mayor Bowser Announces All Virtual Public School Classes Begin August 31

Mayor Bowser at today’s briefing on the plan for reopening DC public schools.

Mayor Bowser Announces All Virtual Public School Classes Begin August 31

by Larry Janezich

Today, Mayor Bowser, prioritizing health and safety, announced that no in-person classes will be held for this fall’s first term in DC public schools –  August 31 – November 6.  The city continues to plan for in-person options for the second term, beginning November 9.  Charter and private schools may be offering in-person classes or a hybrid option during the first term.

Asked what health metrics were the determining factor leading to the all virtual decision, Bowser cited other factors including staffing, parental confidence in in-person classes, facility availability, and the safety/health infrastructure.

Asked what will trigger the decision to proceed with in-person classes in the second term, Bowser refused to be pinned down to specifics, and reiterated the previously listed factors and said “we’ll make the decision we think is right for our kids.”

With respect to DCPS personnel who are not directly involved in teaching, Bowser said the school system is evaluating personnel to see how best they can be utilized or reassigned, and that laying off teachers “is not our plan.”

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