The Week Ahead…Wednesday Deadline to File Petition to Run for ANC & Photos from Last Week

On Tuesday, the body of Rep. John Lewis lay in repose on the center portico of the U.S. Capitol. Mourners paid their respects by filing past the base of the center steps. Click to enlarge.

Rep. John Lewis lived in this townhouse on Capitol Hill. His family asked mourners to place a blue or purple ribbon on the door as a sign of respect and loss.

The television news media pool their resources to cover Lyings in State. This overhead shot of the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol  from the top of the dome during the invitation only ceremony on Monday was part of the coverage.

In other news last week,the new Capitol Hill Southeast Safeway got new signage in advance of its August 12 grand opening.

And over at 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, new signage appeared designating the “Culinary Clubhouse” in “Blackbird” – the mixed use complex.

Pacci’s Trattoria – located in Forest Glen – says it’s opening up on 13th Street, across from Lincoln Park in the old Park Café space. The build out is just starting, so it looks like it will be a while.  Here’s a link to their website:

The Week Ahead…Wednesday Deadline to File Petition to Run for ANC & Photos from Last Week

By Larry Janezich

August 2, 2020

As per usual, August brings quiet to the ANCs and other civic organizations.  There are a few meetings later on, but for now, the most significant date in the coming week is Wednesday, when by the close of business, candidates for ANC seats must file their petitions to qualify for listing on the ballot for the November 3 election.

It’s pretty late in the game to be picking up a petition, but there’s still time.  Here’s a link to the process:

Currently, there are four seats for which candidates have not picked up petitions:

ANC6B01 – current commissioner is Jennifer Samolyk

ANC6B 07 – current commissioner is Kelly Waud who has announced she is not seeking re-election.

ANC6D02 – current commissioner Anna Forgie

ANC6D05 – current commissioner Fredrica Kramer

Not sure what your ANC is?  See here:

If a seat is declared vacant in January when the ANCs convene for the first meeting of 2021, a special election ensues, with a new opportunity for candidates to file petitions.







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  1. Mark Ugoretz

    Pacci’s Trattoria has been “building out” for close to two years. At the rate they’re going climate change will have turned Capitol Hill into Capitol Island and you’ll have take a boat to the restaurant’s pier.