Rocky Roll Out for Phase 1B Tier 1 Vaccination Appointments

Rocky Roll Out for Phase 1B Tier 1 Vaccination Appointments

by Larry Janezich

Posted January 11, 2021

A lot of people were disappointed when they tried to register and make an appointment to be vaccinated against COVID-19 yesterday.

On Monday morning – before the expected noon launch time – DC opened up its second phase of vaccinations for the next round of eligible groups.  Included in this Phase 1B Tier 1: 

DC Residents age 65 years and older

Congregate Settings (Intermediate care facilities, community residential facilities, group homes, homeless shelters)

Correctional Officers

Staff working in Congregate Settings

Non-healthcare personnel supporting operations of COVID-19 vaccination clinics

Those signing on to the website at noon to register and make an appointment found that no appointments were available at some vaccination centers.  By 2:15pm, there were no appointments left at all.  During the Mayor’s situational briefing on Monday, DOH Director LaQuandra Nesbitt said that 4,000 appointments would be available this week, and that the weekly deliveries of vaccine of 8,300 had not substantially changed. 

Some attempting to register complained that the website was not friendly – perhaps overwhelmed by the number of requests.

(Update:  In an early morning email to constituents, Holtzman said that the office of the DC Chief Technology Officer is trying to correct problems with the website and registration process.  The vaccine portal is being modified in the next couple of days with the intent of showing all the vaccine sites and showing how many appointments are still available.)  The Mayor will undoubtedly have a situational briefing this week with additional information.  

Those eligible today, joined those in the Phase 1A groups previously declared eligible but who have not yet been vaccinated.  Those groups include:

Long Term Care Residents

Healthcare Personnel (including Veterinary medicine)

Fie & Emergency Medical Personnel

Frontline Public Health Workers. 

Following complaints from constituents, ANC6B Commissioner Steve Holtzman emailed the Mayor’s office and CM Charles Allen to urge making the system user friendly, to find a way to inform applicants when no more appointments are available, and when the next round of appointments will be available through the website. 

As of 11:00am on Monday:

26,672 doses have been administered

45,425 doses have been delivered (and spoken for)

8,300 doses become available this week

The vaccination registration website is here:


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3 responses to “Rocky Roll Out for Phase 1B Tier 1 Vaccination Appointments

  1. Amber J

    I would say that “a lot of people were disappointed” is an extreme understatement. There is a lot of anger and bitterness by elderly individuals 75-plus that DC didn’t follow its own rules to start registration at noon Monday. I don’t blame them.
    I’m only 65, and I think that, given the limited availability, DC should have served only 75-plus first, in addition to playing by the rules.

  2. Steve Holtzman has done a good job keeping ANC6B neighbors informed of the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out, glitches and all. Maybe in a week or so everything will get straightened out with registration, appointments, and dose availability.
    One thing I do not understand — assuming I understand it correctly — is why the DC government cannot separate the registration and appointment systems. As the system now works, you have to do a complete re-registration each day you try to make an appointment. Thus, if there are no appointments because they are all booked or all the doses are spoken for, the next time you enter the system to take another shot (heh) at it, you have to re-register anew.
    You should be able to register just once. Then you are in the system. Put appointments on a separate system that links to your registration. That is, you register once, which is then the basis for all your subsequent transactions. That’s the way just about every online system works, whether it is Amazon, eBay, Lab Corp, whatever. When you show up for your appointment, the nurse can update any recent health changes since your registration.

  3. Craig D

    I signed up for notifications about two weeks ago, but never got one.