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Deputy Mayor Hoskins Says Hill East is a “Weak Market”

Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Victor Hoskins

Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Victor Hoskins

Deputy Mayor Hoskins Says Hill East is a “Weak Market”

Development of Rest of Reservation 13 Depends on Stadium-Armory Test Case

by Larry Janezich

Last night, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Victor Hoskins said that because of a “weak market,” development of additional parcels of Reservation depends on the success of the current plan for construction of two mixed use residential/retail buildings adjacent to the Stadium-Armory Metro stop.  A final deal with the developer (Donatelli/Blue Skye) is being hammered out and Hoskins hopes to take it to the City Council for approval this summer.  He and his team said that additional infrastructure development is needed on other parcels, including streets, water and sewer, demolition, and relocation and repurposing of current uses, but

it was not clear from his testimony whether he would request funds in the FY 2015 budget for this purpose.  Reservation 13 is the 67-acre former site of DC General Hospital lying east of 19th Street in Hill East.

Hoskins and his team testified before Councilmember Muriel Bowser’s Economic Development Committee which was conducting its annual oversight hearing of the Deputy Mayor’s Office.

Asked by Bowser why it has taken a year to negotiate the Land Development Agreement with the developers of the first parcel, Hoskins and his team said that market is not as robust as in other areas of the city and the developer need to figure out a financial plan to make the project work.

Bowser followed up, asking Hoskins the overall plan for the rest of the parcels on Reservation 13.  Hoskins reiterated that it is a weak market and attracting capital is difficult.  He said that the Donatelli/Blue Skye project was a test, and if they get a great response, additional parcels will be developed.

Bowser’s questioning of Hoskins on the subject of Hill East was prompted by the testimony delivered earlier by ANC6B Chair Brian Flahaven.  Flahavan pointedly said he wanted DMPED to be asked when will there be final agreement Donatelli/Blue Skye and how much money has the mayor’s FY15 budget allocated to Hill East.  In addition, he asked whether DMPED is preparing a plan for other parcels, the timeline for the plan, what parcel would be next, and what’s been done to close DC General.

With respect to the latter, Flahaven urged Mayor Gray and DMPED to take action immediately to develop a plan to close the temporary homeless shelter at DC General and begin transitioning homeless families and individuals into better housing options and to develop a plan for transitioning social services located on the site.


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ANC6B Chair Urges City Council to Move Forward on Reservation 13 – Flahaven Points Out Why Development Appears to Have Stalled

ANC6B Chair Urges City Council to Move Forward on Reservation 13

Flahaven Points Out Why Development Appears to Have Stalled

by Larry Janezich

ANC6B Chair Brian Flahaven testified before Councilmember Bowser’s Economic Development Committee oversight hearing of the Deputy Mayor’s Office for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) this morning, urging the city to move forward with development of Reservation 13. 

After the failed development attempt under the Fenty Administration and the Gray Administration’s effort to bring the Washington Redskins training facility to the site, Flahaven noted the Gray announcement a year ago that the DMPED would proceed with plans for mixed use development of the site in two phases.  DMPED went back to the drawing board and sought new expressions of interest for phase I, the portion of Reservation 13 adjacent to the Armory Stadium Metro Station.  The response was underwhelming, with only one development team – Donatelli/Blue Skye – submitting a proposal.  Flahaven said there are three explanations for the failure to receive more responses. 

First, DMPED removed language that gave the winning development team for the smaller area the right of first refusal to negotiate with the city to develop the rest of the site, thereby removing an important incentive for developers to bid on the scaled-back project.

Second, the request for expressions of interest required development teams to pay for all infrastructure improvements, including public roadways. 

Third, the city has no plan for closing DC General and relocating any of the services on Reservation 13, including the DC General homeless shelter currently housing around 1,000 homeless, a methadone clinic, and DC Jail. 

The message appears to be that the city is suffering from a credibility deficiency regarding their commitment to closing developing the rest of the site.

Flahaven, on behalf of ANC6B, urged Bowser’s committee to ask DMPED the following questions:

How does DMPED plan to proceed with the Donatelli-Blue Skye response?

Will they share that response with the community?

Will the Gray Administration seek funding in the FY 14 budget for infrastructure improvements?

How is DMPED working with the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services on plan for closing DC General?

How does DPMED intend to demonstrate that the city is serious about developing the Hill East waterfront?

A November 27, 2012  posting on this subject can be found here:


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