Community Summit for Capitol Hill Community?

Community Summit for Capitol Hill Community?

by Larry Janezich

Johanna Bockman writes the Sociology in Ward Six blog.

In today’s post, she describes her experience in participating in the Near SE-SW Community Summit organized by the Community Benefits Coordinating Council. The goal is to figure out the community priorities of residents in order to better inform ANC policies, especially given the extensive development in the area.

Councilmember Tommy Wells is a strong supporter of the process.

Bockman describes the background, the meeting, the participants, and how the views of the participants were assessed and how a consensus was reached.

This process appears to be one that would benefit the Capitol Hill community, given the on-going development and the changing demographics.

I think it would be great if we could make this happen.  Please take a look at this report and consider working for a similar event for us on Capitol Hill. My guess is that Councilmember Tommy Wells could be instrumental is helping make this happen.  Is this something our ANC could take the lead on?

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