ANC6B Update

ANC6B Update

by Larry Janezich

At its regularly scheduled September meeting on Tuesday night, ANC6B took the following actions:


Voted 8 – 1 to oppose ANC6C’s recommendation to the Ward Six Task Force on Redistricting, i.e., that ANC6C  absorb 1275 6B residents into a new single member district in ANC6C.  Those supporting:  Commissioners Critchfield, Garrison, Green, Frishberg, Campbell, Metzger, Flahaven, and Pate.  Opposed:  Oldenberg.

Community Action Group (CAG)

Voted 9 – 0 to support a special exception to allow parking for the Community Action Group (CAG) at an administrative/educational building to be constructed at 124 15th Street, SE, contingent upon the signing of a memo of understanding on facility operations between CAG and nearby residents.

Landscaping for Eastern Market Metro Plaza

Voted 9-0 to authorize Commissioner Garrison to support the expenditure of $100,000 in Performance Parking funds for landscaping at Eastern Market Metro Plaza in connection with the proposed Information Hub at that location.  Garrison is the ANC6B representative on the Department of Transportation Advisory Committee on Performance Parking which will meet Wednesday night to consider the funding of new non-transportation community projects.


Supported a new liquor license for Xavier Cervera’s new wine bar “Boxcar” currently under construction next to Tunnicliffs.

Details on these and other ANC6B news to follow.

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