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Residents Direct Anger At Tommy Wells Over Redistricting Report – Boundaries In Councilmembers’ Home District At Issue

Councilmember Wells Addresses 50 ANC6B Residents on Redistricting Wednesday Night

Residents Direct Anger At Tommy Wells Over Redistricting Report – Boundaries In Councilmembers’ Home District At Issue

by Larry Janezich

Fifty unhappy residents and ANC6B commissioners turned out at St. Peter’s Church Tuesday night to tell Councilmember Tommy Wells just how unhappy they were with the redistricting proposal that would move 1275 6B residents into ANC6C.  The meeting was called by ANC Commissioner Ivan Frishberg, who is coordinating a response by concerned citizens to the proposed realignment of boundaries in ANC6B.  The history of how that came about has been reported previously on emmcablog.

Residents argued first, the area to be excised from 6B has more in common with neighborhoods to the east and south than to the north; second, residents want to vote for commissioners who have a voice in the neighborhood issues which concern them most – especially Eastern Market, Hine Development, and Eastern Market Metro Plaza – and these issues currently fall under the exclusive purview of ANC 6B.

In response, Councilmember Wells defended the process which the Taskforce followed in reaching its conclusions, and stated he will have to start with the presumption in favor of the Task Force Report.  Wells said there would have to be reasons for overturning aspects of the report, and he did not see anything nefarious or any evidence of racial or demographic gerrymandering.  Acknowledging that he had not yet seen the Task Force Report, Wells also said that he was not in a position to defend it and would meet with Task Force members to hear their rationale.

Wells admitted that the “presumption is you guys [in 6B] are my neighbors and I’m going to defer to your wishes.  I have to show I can bring impartiality, because the presumption is that I won’t.”  He went on to say that he had already “probably inappropriately tried to influence the vote of the Task Force” by asking them prior to the vote on the boundary change: “do you really want to do this?”

During the meeting, ANC 6B commissioners added to the objections of the gathered residents by pointing out that the boundary shift would have enormous consequences in their single member district (SMD) boundaries, pitting six commissioners against each other and creating four new SMDs with no incumbents.  They also objected to the stated motives of ANC6C, saying the real motive behind the boundary change was to be more involved in Eastern Market and the Hine development.  They faulted the Task Force for a flawed process (reported earlier on emmcablog), and Task Force Chair Joe Fengler with having an “overriding zeal” for creating equal sized ANCs when there is no requirement for that in the DC Charter.

Wells acknowledged that the Redistricting Task Force Report was “problematic in so far as it broke up ANC6B” and admitted that SMD boundaries requiring six sitting commissioners to vie for three seats was “a little unnerving.”  One resident, Wally Mylniec, noted that Wells was accepting a false binary in giving preference to a Task Force recommendation in favor of the move that was adopted on a 5-4 vote.  He said that this was not the Supreme Court, but an advisory committee, and a “recommendation based on a 5-4 vote deserves consideration, but not preference.”  That view was also backed by Task Force member Ken Jarboe, who dissented from the majority position of the Task Force on the 6eB question, along with fellow Task Force member Donna Scheeder, (both positions will be available shortly on http://w6tf.blogspot.com/, along with the Task Force’s final report).

Late in the meeting, Wells raised an issue which many ANC6B commissioners feel lies at the heart of ANC6C’s effort to acquire another SMD at 6B’s expense, and the willingness of other ANCs to support that move.  Wells said that “there is a presumption that 6B is more powerful, has more people, more commissioners, and that their influence is greater than other ANCs,” implying that this was driving the Task Force in prioritizing the principle that ANCs should be closer in size.  Wells went on to suggest the validity of more parity among the ANCs, though he acknowledged that, since he comes from 6B, he might be misreading this as a motivation behind the Taskforce Report.

Councilmember Wells said the timeline for redistricting was as follows:  he will officially receive the report Wednesday night and will forward it to the City Council on Friday.  Wells said he would continue to refine the boundaries but stated that he was not saying he was going to rewrite the boundaries at this time.  He promised to “continue talk with members of the community and members of the Taskforce” before he made a final recommendation to his colleagues on the council.

Wells added that his overall consideration in reviewing the work of the Taskforce Report would be, what is the greater good for Ward 6?  What ward 6 gains from the Task Force Report, Wells noted, is apportionment in Ward 6: each ANC gets no less than six commissioners.  “We have to look at what’s in the whole Ward’s interest,” Wells argued, and “see what the greater good is, and give the Task Force a chance.  That’s where I’m at.”

The City Council will hold a hearing devoted to Ward 6 redistricting, and the ANC’s will apparently have an opportunity to present their case to the council before it finalizes the redistricting plan.  Frishberg told the group that the process is not going to be decided in the next two days, and advised the group to “let the process work and try to bring Tommy around to our position.”


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This Week’s Community Events …….

This Week’s Community Events …….

by Larry Janezich


27 Tuesday, 7:00pm

ANC6B Executive Committee sets agenda for October 11 meeting.

703 D Street, SE

27 Tuesday, 8:00pm

Community Meeting to overturn Ward Six Redistricting Task Force Decision to Move 1275 ANC6B residents to ANC6C.

St. Peter’s Church, 2nd and C street SE

28 Wednesday, 6:30pm (Postponed until October 5)

ANC 6B Hill East Task Force Meeting.  Update on the status of the Eastern Branch Boys & Girls Club Building. (Postponed until October 5)

Payne Elementary School, 1445 C Street SE

28 Wednesday, 7:00pm

Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee.  Update on status of legislation for new governing structure for Eastern Market.

North Hall, Eastern Market

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Neighbors Organize to Overturn ANC6B Boundary Change – Issue Goes to Tommy Wells

Task Force Member Ken Jarboe Opposes ANC6B Boundary Change at Monday Night Meeting. At Left, Task Force Chair Joe Fengler.

SMD Boundary Changes for ANC6B Approved by Ward Six Redistricting Task Force

Neighbors Organize to Overturn ANC6B Boundary Change – Councilmember Wells To Make Final Decision This Week

by Larry Janezich and Barbara Riehle

A group of 17 concerned Capitol Hill residents attended an “emergency meeting” called by ANC6B Vice Chair Ivan Frishberg on Saturday morning at South East Library.  The purpose was to discuss ways to stop the change in ANC6B’s boundary proposed by neighboring ANC6C and endorsed on a narrow 5-4 vote by the Ward Six Task Force on Redistricting.  The change would move 1275 residents from ANC6B to ANC6C in the area bounded by East Capitol and Independence and 3rd Street and 7th Street, SE.

Those attending the meeting were strongly opposed to the move.  Especially outspoken was former ANC6B Chair Peter Waldron who stated that under the DC Home Rule Act, the preservation of neighborhoods is a critical factor when ANC boundaries are being redrawn.  “This neighborhood is being ripped away,” he went on, “and pulled into an ANC with its own NoMA (north of Massachusetts Avene) issues.”  In addition, he said residents would lose effective representation on neighborhood issues affecting them most, including Eastern Market and the Hine Development.  Finally, “[t]his neighborhood is facing substantial change and the residents have a right to cohesive representation.”

The Redistricting Task Force will present its report to Councilmember Tommy Wells on Monday, September 26.  Wells will have the final say on boundary changes, and the neighbors hope to persuade him to reject the proposed extension of ANC 6C into what is currently ANC6B territory.  On Friday, September 30, Wells is scheduled to submit Ward 6 Redistricting recommendations to DC City Council.

The Redistricting Task Force move to reaffirm its endorsement of the boundary change came on Wednesday night at a contentious six hour meeting.  The Task Force position is that the move is necessary because ANC6C has given up three single member ANC districts (SMDs) to the newly formed ANC6E in Shaw.  The Task Force wants to make the ANCs in Ward Six as near the same size as possible, and sees granting 6C’s request for an additional single member district at 6B’s expense as moving toward that goal.  Commissioners on ANC6C have also noted that an additional SMD will give them a more desirable seven member commission.

Wednesday night’s ratification of the Task Force’s earlier position came despite the presentation by 6B Commissioner Frishberg of a petition opposing the move signed by more than 200 residents.  When the Task Force addressed the new boundaries for SMDs within 6B, Frishberg called the plan drawn by Task Force member Cody Rice an “abomination.”  Frishberg offered an alternative which had been informally endorsed by a majority of 6B commissioners.  His proposal was rebuffed by the Task Force with little discussion of the details.

In the end, the Task Force approved an SMD plan proffered by Task Force member Ken Jarboe which divides the new 6B into ten smaller single member districts.  That plan was also strongly opposed by 6B Commissioners, who noted that it would create three new single member districts with no incumbents and pit two sitting commissioners against each other in two of the other single member districts.

The group of protesting neighbors agreed to gather support and mobilize their neighbors.  They will to meet again on Tuesday night at 8:00pm at a place to be determined.


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Closely Divided Redistricting Task Force Votes to Move 1275 ANC6B Residents to ANC6C – Final Decision Up to Councilmember Wells

Task Force Chair Joe Fengler Calls for Vote on Moving ANC6B Residents

Closely Divided Redistricting Task Force Votes to Move 1275 ANC6B Residents to ANC6C – Final Decision Up to Councilmember Wells

by Larry Janezich

Monday night, a closely divided Ward Six Task Force on Redistricting voted 5 – 4 with 1 abstention to move 1275 ANC6B residents into ANC6C.  The vote moved the 6C boundary from East Capitol – a boundary existing for some 35 years, according to Task Force member Ken Jarboe – to Independence Avenue, encompassing the blocks from 3rd Street to 7th Street.  Prior to the vote, the Task Force exempted the nonresidential areas – the southeast quadrant of the Capitol Grounds, the Library of Congress’ Jefferson and Madison Buildings, and the Folger Library – from the move.

Those voting for the motion were Chair Joe Fengler, Cody Rice, Antonette Russell, Marge Francese, and Skip Coburn.

Those opposed:  Ken Jarboe, Donna Scheeder, Tyler Merkeley, and Gene Fisher.

Raphael Marshall abstained.  Had he voted against the motion it would have failed on a tie vote.  Asked about the vote afterward, Marshall said, “I didn’t feel comfortable voting on that issue.”

The motion was strongly opposed by Task Force members Donna Scheeder and Ken Jarboe.  Scheeder said the Task Force was proceeding on the basis of a faulty presumption that ANCs should be equal in size – an assumption not in keeping with the Capital Charter.  “It’s tearing a neighborhood apart, when the most important thing is keeping a neighborhood together,” she said before casting her vote.  Jarboe agreed, saying the Task Force recommendation to transfer the blocks to ANC6C was not creating neighborhood cohesiveness, but destroying it.  In addition, Jarboe said, reorienting a neighborhood which looks south and taking away their vote on neighborhood liquor licenses on 7th Street was a “grievous violation of Task Force guidelines.”

It seems procedurally possible for the Task Force to reverse the vote on moving the residents.  In reality, it is likely that such a change could only be brought about by Councilmember Tommy Wells, who will have the final say on the boundaries before they go to the City Council for enactment.

Following the meeting, ANC6B Vice Chair Ivan Frishberg said, “This decision by the Task Force strips the residents who look at Eastern Market and are just a few hundred feet from the Hine School site from ANC representation on those issues and instead puts them in an ANC that is focused on the issues around Union Station and NoMa.  The task force replaced a plan they adopted unanimously with a highly controversial plan that was adopted on a very split vote.  This is bad process and bad policy.”

In other business, the Task Force also denied ANC6A’s recommendation that it be allowed to retain all of Lincoln Park, which the Task Force had recommended splitting between ANC6A and ANC6B in its map released at the end of August.  As a result, ANC 6B will now preside over governance of half of Lincoln Park, a move that received support from 6B Commissioner Brian Pate.

In all, the Task Force was able to consider only half the items on its agenda Monday night, agreeing to postpone consideration of recommendations for single member districts until Thursday night.  This meeting will include consideration of the proposal to split Eastern Market Metro Plaza among four different ANC Commissioners.

The schedule for the work of the Task Force is as follows:

September 22, Thursday, 6:30pm.  PUBLIC MEETING #10 – Final Task Force Meeting to approve final draft of ANC/SMD boundaries (100 Fourth Street, SW, DCRA Hearing Room 2nd floor, E200)

September 26, Monday.  Forward final draft to Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells

September 30, Friday.  Ward 6 Councilmember submits Ward 6 Redistricting recommendations to DC Council on September 30


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Ward Six ANCs Present Redistricting Task Force with Sophie’s Choice – Area Between East Capitol, Independence, US Capitol and 8th Street, SE, at Issue

ANC6C Chair Karen Wirt Calls for a Vote at Meeting Thursday Night

Ward Six ANCs Present Redistricting Task Force with Sophie’s Choice – Area Between East Capitol, Independence, US Capitol and 8th Street, SE, at Issue

by Larry Janezich

On Thursday night, at its regular September meeting, ANC6C recommended that the Ward Six Redistricting Task Force redraw the boundary between ANC6C and ANC6B, awarding 6C 1275 residents currently in 6B and creating a new single member district (SMD) for 6C, raising 6C’s total number to seven.  ANC 6C’s 5 votes in favor of the plan, with 2 abstentions, effectively asks the Task Force to choose between the diametrically opposed requests of the two adjacent ANCs.

As previously reported on emmcablog, ANC6B voted last Tuesday night to recommend that the Task Force endorse the status quo, leaving the area bounded by East Capitol, Independence, Second Street, and Seventh Street, SE, in 6B.

6C’s claim on the territory is based on their loss of three single member districts (sometimes referred to as ANC6C West) to help create a new ANC6E district, their desire to have an odd number of commissioners, and a desire of the Task Force to make the ANCs in Ward Six more equal in size.

In its report filed with the Redistricting Taskforce, ANC 6C endorsed the changes to ANC6B single member districts put forward by Task Force Chair Joe Fengler, a proposal that anticipated the approval of ANC 6C’s boundary expansion into 6B.  This appears to be a misreading of a Task Force instruction:

“If the recommendations include boundary changes, a copy of the maps, census count by SMD – as well as the draft text language for the ANC/SMD boundaries – must be included in the package.”

This language would seem to suggest that it is inappropriate for one ANC to recommend changes in the boundaries of another ANC’s single member districts.  If ANC 6C’s assertion of its  right to recommend SMD boundary changes for another ANC were correct, the work of the Taskforce would be much more difficult to accomplish.

Although the Redistricting Taskforce has previously insisted that three SMDs be transferred from 6C to the newly created 6E, prior to that instruction it seemed to be the preference of ANC6C to provide only one.  What was more, signs of unhappiness from those affected by the loss of 6Cs three single member districts emerged during the meeting, with some commissioners stating a preference for that territory to remain a part of 6C.  One resident from the disjointed districts expressed his resentment over ANC6C West being “kicked out” of ANC6C and the resulting loss of a voice in Amtrak and NoMa development.

Some in the audience questioned 6C’s need for a seventh SMD, citing other ANCs with an even number of commissioners that worked well.  Task Force member Ken Jarboe noted after the meeting that he had chaired a 13 member ANC and managed to make it work, countering the ANC6C claim that an ANC comprised of 6C and 6E would be “unworkable.  Another Task Force member, Donna Scheeder, remarked after the meeting that “no matter what the Task Force does, some ANCs are going to be unhappy.”

The Task Force could resolve the issue by adopting the recommendation of either 6C or 6B or by redrawing the boundaries of several ANCs to carve out a new SMD for 6C.  Or it could require 6C to get along with six SMDs.

The final decision will be in the hands of Council Member Tommy Wells, formerly a commissioner of ANC6B.

The schedule for the completion of the redistricting process is as follows:

September 19, Monday, 6:30pm.  PUBLIC MEETING #9 – Task Force Meeting to propose second draft of ANC/SMD boundaries (Sherwood Recreation Center located at 640 10th Street, NE)

September 22, Thursday, 6:30pm.  PUBLIC MEETING #10 – Final Task Force Meeting to approve final draft of ANC/SMD boundaries (100 Fourth Street, SW, DCRA Hearing Room 2nd floor, E200)

September 26, Monday.  Forward final draft to Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells

September 30, Friday.  Ward 6 Councilmember submits Ward 6 Redistricting recommendations to DC Council on September 30

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ANC6B Recommendations Forwarded to Ward 6 Task Force on Redistricting

ANC6B Recommendtions Forwarded to Ward 6 Task Force on Redistricting

by Larry Janezich

Thursday night, ANC6B forwarded recommendations on redisticting agreed to on Tuesday night at its regular September commission meeting.  Below is a copy of the resolution.

ANC 6B Views on SMD Redistricting 

The ANC6B Commission thanks the Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force for carrying out its demanding task efficiently and transparently.  Its timely posting of current information set a high standard for similar efforts in the future.

Recommendation #1

ANC6B strongly supports, and requests the approval of, the “status quo” proposal for Commission and SMD boundaries adopted by the Task Force at its August 8, 2011 meeting.  While understanding the difficulty of satisfying diverse and sometimes conflicting views, ANC6B offers these positions:

Recommendation #2

  • While we are sympathetic to the recently expressed concerns of ANC6C that it feels it does not have sufficient Commissioners within its commission, we strongly reject ANC6C’s proposal to acquire a significant portion of the ANC6B area that has been part of our neighborhood and commission for many decades.
  • ANC6B commissioners have received multiple informal options for SMD redistricting based on the ANC6C plan not yet approved by the Task Force.  We reject each of the options presented as unworkable. We also note that the Task Force has gone outside the process it presented at its public meetings by sending formal positions to all the commissions for response and then using an informal process to make subsequent recommendations based on actions by some commissions before others have even had a chance to consider the original Task Force recommendations.  This change in the process concerns us greatly and we strongly encourage the Task Force to adhere to the boundary options adopted through unanimous vote at its last meeting on August 8, 2011.
  • The ANC 6C proposal would bring the southern border of ANC 6C down to Independence Avenue and extend that incursion as far east as 8th Street, effectively dividing the core of the Capitol Hill South neighborhood between two ANCs.   The proximity of the proposed border to Eastern Market and Eastern Market Metro Plaza and all of the associated commercial and major development planning now underway for this area, especially with regards the Hine Jr. High School site, would mean that two ANCs would be fully vested in these issues, substantially complicating communications with the community, civic organizations and the city. ANC 6B strongly believes that it would be unwise and disruptive to divide the Capitol Hill South neighborhood between two ANCs.
  • A plan similar to ANC6C’s proposal (the “Rice/Fengler” plan) was considered by the Task Force during its Wednesday, August 3 meeting. The plan received zero votes from Task Force members and was dismissed.
  • As presented, the ANC6C revised plan would create many undue burdens for ANC6B and the area it represents.  First, the revised plan would complicate the adjudication of key development issues in ANC6B, chiefly redevelopment of the Hine school and review of pending Eastern Market legislation.  Second, the new boundary along Independence Avenue divides a significant traffic arterial between two Commissions.  Dividing along East Capitol Street makes sense geographically, as it is easy to understand the quadrant boundaries, and managerially, as East Capitol Street is a relatively quiet street that presents few issues requiring joint management.

Recommendation #3

  • ANC6A’s rebuttal of the Task Force recommendation to split Lincoln Park fails to acknowledge the many issues linked to the park that impact an equal number of residents living south of the park.  These issues include traffic, pedestrian safety, signage, bike share and other park usage issues.  When ANC6A reviews park related issues, they do not inform residents living south of the park, further they rarely coordinate evaluation of issues with ANC6B.  For example, in May of 2011, ANC6A voted to endorse the placement of an expansion Capital Bikeshare station on a small traffic island at the southeast corner of the park.  The parcel of land considered by ANC6A was not in their jurisdiction.  Further, ANC6A did not coordinate the action with ANC6B or notify residents of ANC6B.  Splitting Lincoln Park equitably between the two Commissions should force more cooperation and coordination in the future.

Recommendation #4

  • ANC6B is very pleased that in its proposal the Task Force heeded the residents of Kingman Park, Hill East, and Rosedale and keeps these neighborhoods connected to their primary commercial corridors.  It is also pleased that the Task Force has unified the eastern part of Independence Avenue, SE into one single member district and included St. Coletta of Greater Washington within the ANC6B boundaries.

Recommendations Pertaining to Informal 6B Working Group Questions

  • ANC6B Commissioners received a series of questions relating to the specific boundaries contained in the Task Force draft that was presented to us.  Our position responses to those questions are as follows:
    • Eastern Market Metro Plaza should have one commissioner.
    • Seward Square should have one commissioner.
    • Barracks Row can be well served by two commissioners.
    • The boundary along Massachusetts Avenue between 6B09 and 6B10 should be a straight line.
  • Finally, ANC6B is especially grateful to the Task Force members who drew the ANC6B boundaries: Ken Jarboe, Donna Scheeder, Antonette Russell, and Tyler Merkeley.


Adopted at its publicly-noticed regular monthly meeting on September 13th by a vote of 8-0-1

Attest:         Andrew Jared Critchfield


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ANC6B Charges Violation of Process in Ward 6 Task Force Redistricting

Residents of ANC6B Turn Out For Tuesday Night ANC6B Meeting

ANC6B Charges Violation of Process in Ward 6 Task Force Redistricting – Passes Resolution Opposing Transfer of 6B Residents to Adjoining ANC6C

by Larry Janezich

Tuesday night, ANC6B commissioners strongly criticized the Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force charging that the Task Force violated the process presented at its public meetings by sending formal positions to Ward 6 ANCs for response then using an informal process to make subsequent recommendations based on actions by some ANCs before others have had a chance to consider the original task force recommendations.

Consequently, ANC6B commissioners refused a Task Force request to vote on new boundaries for single member districts proposed by Task Force members if a proposal to transfer residents to ANC6C is approved by the Task Force.  The consensus of the commission seemed to be that doing so would tacitly put ANC6B in the position of acceding before the fact to a boundary change that they adamantly opposed.

Commissioner Ivan Frishberg noted that if ANC 6B is presented “with a plan, we can react.  It’s different if we are presented with a redrawing of the overall plan and asked to react to contingencies if the redrawing is adopted.”   Like other commissioners, Frishberg stated that he could not support any of the four Single Member District (SMD) maps put forward by the Task Force for remapping ANC 6B in the wake of ANC 6C’s proposal to expand its boundaries.

Commissioner Brian Pate said that up until now, the Task Force had conducted a transparent process, but now 6B found itself in the awkward position of responding to a late recommendation of one ANC.  Commissioner Dave Garrison, whose single member district is most at risk under the ANC 6C proposal, and who personally resides within the area proposed to be transferred, characterized 6C’s move to absorb part of 6B as a “dumb idea.”  Commissioner Norm Metzger acknowledged that 6C had good reasons for this recommendation, but noted, “the reasons are theirs, not ours,” and went on to say ANC6B was prepared to argue strongly against changing the status quo.

The Commission subsequently voted 8-1 to oppose ANC6C’s recommendation that would transfer 1275 residents currently in 6B to ANC6C.  The one vote against the passage of the resolution cast by Commissioner Oldenburg appeared to be related to the failure of the Commission to adopt her amendment providing that Eastern Market Metro Plaza be under the jurisdiction of the several ANCs abutting the Plaza, rather than a single commissioner.  The Oldenburg Amendment failed on a 2 – 7 vote, with Commissioner Garrison joining Oldenburg.  Garrison went on to support the resolution.

Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force Chair Joe Fengler, present to observe the meeting and answer questions, defended the process, saying that after the Task Force passed its preliminary map on August 18, it was the choice of each ANC whether and when to react.  Moreover, Fengler emphasized that every recommendation forwarded to the Task Force by the ANCs will be voted on by the Task Force, and that part of the challenge will be to resolve competing recommendations.  “If you recommend preserving the status quo – if you choose to adopt one of the revisions of single member districts – then the Task Force will vote on that recommendation, Fengler said.  He went on to note, “[t]he process was designed to allow each ANC to weigh in.”

Commissioners will have an opportunity to present their case for holding 6B together when the Task Force meets on Monday, September 19th to consider all ANC recommendations.  That public meeting to propose a second draft of ANC/SMD boundaries will be from 6:30pm until 8:30pm at the Sherwood Recreation Center located at 640 10th Street, NE.


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ANC6B Update

ANC6B Update

by Larry Janezich

At its regularly scheduled September meeting on Tuesday night, ANC6B took the following actions:


Voted 8 – 1 to oppose ANC6C’s recommendation to the Ward Six Task Force on Redistricting, i.e., that ANC6C  absorb 1275 6B residents into a new single member district in ANC6C.  Those supporting:  Commissioners Critchfield, Garrison, Green, Frishberg, Campbell, Metzger, Flahaven, and Pate.  Opposed:  Oldenberg.

Community Action Group (CAG)

Voted 9 – 0 to support a special exception to allow parking for the Community Action Group (CAG) at an administrative/educational building to be constructed at 124 15th Street, SE, contingent upon the signing of a memo of understanding on facility operations between CAG and nearby residents.

Landscaping for Eastern Market Metro Plaza

Voted 9-0 to authorize Commissioner Garrison to support the expenditure of $100,000 in Performance Parking funds for landscaping at Eastern Market Metro Plaza in connection with the proposed Information Hub at that location.  Garrison is the ANC6B representative on the Department of Transportation Advisory Committee on Performance Parking which will meet Wednesday night to consider the funding of new non-transportation community projects.


Supported a new liquor license for Xavier Cervera’s new wine bar “Boxcar” currently under construction next to Tunnicliffs.

Details on these and other ANC6B news to follow.

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Plans Emerge for Downsizing ANC6B – ANC6C’s Push to Expand Would Absorb 1275 Residents Near US Capitol

Plans Emerge for Downsizing ANC6B – ANC6C’s Push to Expand Would Absorb 1275 Residents Near US Capitol

by Larry Janezich

ANC 6C’s Special Call meeting of August 29th, which called for an expansion of its territory into the historical Capitol Hill neighborhood south of East Capitol Street, has prompted the creation of six new maps from Ward 6 Redistricting Taskforce members.  All of the Taskforce maps ratify a proposed change that would shift some 1200 Capitol Hill residents currently in 6B to ANC 6C.  The commissioner most affected would be former ANC 6B Chair, Dave Garrison, who would be a resident of ANC 6C if the change is ultimately approved.  Commissioner Ivan Frishberg would also lose some of his constituents to ANC 6C.

ANC 6C commissioners suggested the expansion south of East Capitol following the loss of 3 of its current single member districts to the proposed new ANC 6E.  The new ANC 6E will be comprised of the current ANC 2C (DC’s historic Shaw neighborhood) and the three districts from the current ANC 6C.  To justify the request to expand into 6B, ANC 6C chair Karen Wirt cited in a memo to the Task Force both the loss of three of its districts as well as the remaining undesirable even number (6) of SMDs, setting the stage for potential voting deadlock.

While the addition of Shaw to Ward 6 could have been accomplished by simply adding one single member district from 6C, which was the preference of ANC 2C, ANC 2C chair Alexander Padro noted the Redistricting Taskforce’s goal of achieving parity between and among ANCs as the reason for the more dramatic move of the three single member districts from 6C to the new 6E.

It is unclear why the Redistricting Taskforce approved a consensus map at the end of its public meeting process that did not achieve this goal – leaving them with the job of redrawing single member districts within 6B and 6C without the benefit of public comment – and it is also unclear how the newest versions resolve disparities among the ANCs to any great extent, even with these changes.  ANC 6C, for example, will be left with roughly 13,000 residents, while ANC 6B will still measure close to 19,000.

Nevertheless, the Taskforce has been quick to respond to ANC 6C’s Special Call meeting recommending the addition of one single member district to its domain.  As of this past weekend, the Redistricting Taskforce has put forward two maps proposing expanded boundaries south of East Capitol for 6C, and four additional maps that propose new single member districts within 6B, taking 6C’s expanded territory as a given.  The maps can be found here: http://w6tf.blogspot.com/

ANC 6B will react to these plans at its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, September 13th, held at St. Coletta’s (1901 Independence Ave SE) at 7:00 p.m.  ANC 6C will vote again on redistricting at its regular Thursday night meeting, scheduled for 7:00 and held at the Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Ave. NE, essentially giving them the opportunity to influence the Redistricting Taskforce two times, as opposed to ANC 6B’s single opportunity to comment Tuesday night.

After these ANC meetings, the Redistricting Taskforce will meet twice more:  first on September 19th  at 6:30pm at the Sherwood Recreation Center located at 640 10th Street, NE, and second on September 22, also scheduled for 6:30, held at 100 Fourth Street, SW, DCRA Hearing Room 2nd floor, E200. The final Taskforce plan will then go to Councilmember Tommy Wells, who appointed the Taskforce.  He will have the final say in boundary changes before the map goes to the full city council for a vote.


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More Images From Ward 6 Redistricting Meeting Monday Night

Taskforce Chair Joe Fengler, Whose Vote Doomed the Attempt to Expand ANC6B into Near Southeast

Taskforce Members Ken Jarboe and Donna Scheeder. Jarboe Authored and Supported the Plan to Expand ANC6B into Near Southeast

Some of the 30 Plus Community Members and Leaders Who Attended the Meeting

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