Hill Center Granted Liquor License

Hill Center Granted Liquor License

by Larry Janezich

On Wednesday, the Alcohol Beverage and Control Administration (ABRA) granted Hill Center’s application for a liquor license, incorporating the Voluntary Agreement reached with the ANC last summer. 

The formal protest before the Board filed by nearby neighbors was withdrawn last month after protestors became convinced of the futility of pursuing it.  (See emmcablog post, September 21)

ABRA Interim Chairperson, Nick Alberti, who also serves as a commissioner from the adjacent ANC6A, recused himself from the matter.  

The Voluntary Agreement states that the Hill Center “will host special events such as weddings and meetings both inside the bu(Silding and on the grounds surrounding the building.  There will be occasional dancing, with a DJ and live music provided by small bands.”

Under the Voluntary Agreement, the hours of operation indoors will be until 2:00AM Sunday through Thursday and until 3:00am Friday and Saturday.  The hours for the Summer Garden will be until 10:00pm daily.  These hours overstate the hours entertainment and sale of alcohol by one hour, leaving time for clean-up after an event.

The Agreement also states that the capacity at Summer Garden events ending after 8:00pm will be limited to no more than 300 patrons, and daytime capacity in the garden will be 500 patrons. 

The Voluntary Agreement reflects the maximum hours of operation, sales and service of alcohol, and entertainment permitted Hill Center and is incorporated as a part of the licensing agreement by ABRA.  Hill Center has stated their intention of restricting their hosting of events to less than what the voluntary agreement would permit, though their refusal to put this language into a written agreement with the neighbors was a source of tension between the Center and some residents who live close to the Center. 

Regarding parking, the Agreement provides that Hill Center will provide valet parking for a scheduled event reasonably expected to bring more than 30 cars, and that the Center will monitor the valet service to ensure no cars are parked on public streets. 

Hill Center announced last Monday, October 3, that they had begun to move into the main building.  The offices of the Hill Center Foundation, which runs Hill Center, had been located in the still-unfinished Carriage House.  Local non-profit organizations which have rented third floor office space from the Center could begin operating out of those offices as early as next week.

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