The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead

by Larry Janezich

ANC6B meets Tuesday, October 11, at 7:00pm in the very convenient National Community Church, at 535 8th Street, SE.

There are several issues emerging that deserve the attention of Capitol Hill residents. 

Hine Development Moves Back to the Front Burner

Watch emmcablog midweek for an update on the expected formation of an ANC6B Subcommittee – including 6B residents – to represent the community on the Hine Public Unit Development (PUD) process.  The PUD process is the process whereby the developers apply to the DC Zoning Commission to change the zoning on the Hine site in accordance with their plans for the development.  Stanton/Eastbanc is expected to file an application to begin the process within the next 60 days.  Over the next 4 to 6 months, the Zoning Commission will hold two public hearings on the Hine Development.  At the first hearing, the public will be allowed to observe but not participate, as the Office of Planning makes its recommendations to the Zoning Commission.  At the second hearing, the public will be allowed to present testimony for and against the development.  The PUD process is likely to be one of the last opportunities for the neighbors and community to wring concessions – which must be thought of in terms of trade-offs commonly referred to as “public amenities” – from the developer.  Theoretically, everything is on the table, despite the previous approval of the Historic Preservation Review Board of the massing, height, and design elements of the project. 

There will be public briefings sponsored by community organizations to help organize the community and various stakeholders to participate in the process. 

Redistricting Redux  

ANC6B is also likely to take another formal stance opposing the proposal for the Ward Six Redistricting Task Force recommendation that 1275 6B residents be transferred to ANC6C as well as the Task Force recommendations for redrawing the single member district lines in ANC6B. 

Eastern Market Legislation for a New Governing Authority

Also, there may be an announcement on a public forum for public feedback on the new Eastern Market Governing Structure Legislation introduced by Councilmember Tommy Wells last week. 

Check back.

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