ANC6B to Appeal to Council on Redistricting and Appoint Residents to Advise on Hine Negotiations

ANC6B to Appeal to Council on Redistricting and Appoint Residents to Advise on Hine Negotiations

by Larry Janezich

When it convenes Tuesday night, ANC6B will consider two resolutions concerning on-going issues facing the residents of 6B. 

The first resolution requests the City Council to maintain East Capitol Street as the boundary with ANC6C and to enact a “status quo” plan for the boundaries of the single member districts in 6B.

The second resolution would create a 13 member Subcommittee charged with overseeing the Public Unit Development (PUD) process on the Hine Development.  The wording of the resolution does not precisely resolve whether all current ANC 6B Commissioners will be acting and voting members of the Subcommittee, but it seems to suggest that will be the case.  Other members will be drawn from the community determined to represent “organized interests of the community.”  According to the resolution, the Subcommittee will be tasked with outreach to the community re the PUD process, developing recommendations for ANC6B in negotiations with the city and developer during PUD negotiations, and serving as a central point of coordination on the Hine Development. 

Copies of the resolutions can be found below. 

ANC6B meets Tuesday, October 11, at 7:00pm in the National Community Church, at 535 8th Street, SE.


DRAFT RESOLUTION on ANC6B Boundaries and Districts

WHEREAS ANC6B has great respect for the efforts of the Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force and the guidelines it formally adopted; and

WHEREAS the Task Force adopted by a vote of 7-0 a draft plan on August 8th 2011 that was subsequently endorsed by ANC6B as a plan that would adhere to the guidelines of the Task Force; and

WHEREAS the Task Force Final Recommendations included a subsequent boundary change that was narrowly adopted on a vote of 5-4-1, and moves 1275 residents from ANC6B to ANC6C; and

WHEREAS the residents moved out of ANC6B have a primary and direct interest in the areas of Eastern Market, Eastern Market Metro plaza and the Hine Jr. High School redevelopment project, and will no longer have elected representation on the issues that are most important to their neighborhood; and

WHEREAS the change in the boundary between ANCs 6B and 6C changes a clear boundary along a city quadrant line that has been in effect for more than 30 years; and

WHEREAS a primary justification for the change presented by ANC6C was to balance the case load for ANC6C, while subsequent research has shown that the draft plan adopted on August 8th would likely have reduced workload from current levels and that ANC6B has a case load significantly greater than ANC6C under either the current scenario or the final plan adopted by the Task Force; and

WHEREAS an additional justification presented by ANC6C for the transfer from ANC6B to ANC6C was to provide for an odd number of commissioners on ANC6C, and it is noted that many commissions including ANC6B have decades of experience working productively with an even number of commissioners without any problems stemming from the even number of commissioners; and

WHEREAS the SMD boundaries for ANC6B adopted by the Task Force would cause substantial disruption to the work of ANC6B; and

WHEREAS the current redistricting plan works against the interests of those neighbors impacted, is at odds with the Home Rule Charter and the fundamental tenets of voting rights in the District that provide citizens elected representation in the neighborhood where they live;

NOW IT THEREFORE BE RESOLVED  that ANC6B requests that the City Council of the District of Columbia enact an ANC redistricting plan that maintains East Capitol Street as the boundary between ANC6B and ANC6C and reflects the boundary and SMD plan adopted by the Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force at its August 8, 2011 meeting. .

ANC6B formally adopted this resolution at its October 11, 2011 meeting by a vote of XX to XX, and requests that that Councilmember Wells and the City Council consider our recommendations when it drafts the final proposal for ANC redistricting later this year.


DRAFT RESOLUTION for the creation of a Sub-committee of the Planning and Zoning Committee relating to the development of the Hine School site.

WHEREAS ANC6B will play a central role in representing community interests in the forthcoming Planned Unit Development (PUD) process for the Hine School site; and

WHEREAS ANC6B intends to conduct extensive community outreach and to involve a diversity of voices and interests in the PUD process; and

WHEREAS the developers of the Hine School site will likely initiate the PUD process in the fall of 2011 and that the process will likely continue through much of 2012; and

WHEREAS management of this process through its standing committees or the committee of the whole would limit this effort and place additional strain on the capacity of the Commission; and

WHEREAS Article X, Section 7 of the Commission bylaws allow for the Commission to create a sub-committee of a standing committee to carry out the responsibilities of a full committee with respect to a specific topic, and to be composed of members from beyond the parent committee,

NOW IT THEREFORE BE RESOLVED that ANC 6B creates a sub-committee of the Planning and Zoning Committee specifically to address the Hine School Development and that the objectives of this sub-committee include:

●  Conducting community outreach as it relates to the PUD process

●  Developing recommendations to ANC6B as it relates to the Commission position in PUD negotiations with the City and developers

●  Providing for a central point of coordination on the Hine        School development 

             BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the authority for the Hine School Sub-committee sunsets at the conclusion of the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of ANC 6B in March 2013, and

            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED  that recommendations of the Sub-committee that require full Commission action shall first be referred to the Planning and Zoning Committee unless specifically waived by both the Chair and Vice-chair of the full Planning and Zoning Committee, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Sub-committee shall be Chaired by a member of the commission appointed by a vote of the commission, and that the Vice-Chair of the sub-committee be selected by the Sub-committee chair, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Sub-committee shall be comprised of Commission and non-commission members who represent organized interests of the community nominated by the Chair of ANC6B and the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Sub-committee and ratified by the full Commission, and that while all Sub-committee meetings will be regularly posted and available to all commissioners as voting members, the core membership of the task force shall not number more than 13 people.

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