ANC6B Creates Subcommittee Including Residents To Shepherd Hine Development Process

ANC6B Creates Subcommittee Including Residents To Shepherd Hine Development Process   

by Larry Janezich

Tuesday night, ANC6B created a 13 member Subcommittee charged with coordinate ANC6B’s response to the Public Unit Development (PUD) process on the Hine Development.  In addition to all ten of the current ANC6B commissioners, three non-commissioners from the community will comprise the membership.  The committee is charged with outreach to the community regarding the PUD process, developing recommendations for ANC6B in negotiations with the city and developer during process, and serving as a central point of coordination on the Hine Development.

The PUD process refers to the negotiations the developer conducts with the DC Office of Planning and the Zoning Commission to change the zoning of the Hine site to permit the greater population density the project will require.  During the process, technically, all aspects of the project, including design, density, and massing are “on the table,” and this affords all stakeholders an opportunity to influence the design of the project. 

Supporters of the resolution, which was offered by Commissioner Ivan Frishberg, in whose single member district Hine is located, beat back an effort by opponents to restrict the authority of the ANC6B Chair Neil Glick, prospective Subcommittee Chair Frishberg, and the as-yet-unnamed Subcommittee Vice Chair, to recommend a slate of non-commissioner members of the Subcommittee.  Brian Pate, who helped draft the resolution, said that the intent was to include representatives of nearby neighbors, a broader selection of the community, and business interests.  Answering a commissioner’s question about his intent regarding non-commission neighbors, Frishberg mentioned CHRS and CHAMPS.

Opponents of the resolution also sought to delay consideration for two months, citing the lack of need to move quickly.  Commissioner Oldenburg said Hine project developer Ken Golding had told her that Stanton Eastbanc Development would initiate the PUD process with the DC Office of Planning (OP) by November 1.  According to Oldenburg, between November and March the developer negotiates the final details of the project with OP.  She went on to say that OP would not issue a report until March of next year and it is that document – called a “set down report’ – to which the ANC reacts.    

However, according to Gary Peterson, Chair of the Restoration Society’s Planning Committee, and PUD process veteran, individuals, groups, and other stakeholders in the Hine project would be wise to begin meeting with OP during this November – March period to make their concerns and desires known.  .    

Opponents also cited the break from precedent in taking control of this issue out from under Francis Campbell’s ANC6B Planning and Zoning Committee.  Both resolution supporter Frishberg and resolution opponent Oldenburg claimed the necessarily absent Campbell’s support for their position.  Contacted by emmcablog after the meeting and asked whether he supported the Subcommittee, Campbell said, “I am OK with it, as long as whatever comes out of the Subcommittee is vetted by the Planning and Zoning Committee.” 

The resolution states that “recommendations of the Subcommittee that require full Commission action shall first be referred to the Planning and Zoning Committee unless waived by both the Chair and Vice Chair of the full Planning and Zoning Committee.”

When the vote came, the resolution passed, 5 – 3, with Commissioners Critchfield, Flahaven, Frishberg, Glick, and Pate voting in favor.  Commissioners, Green, Metzger, and Oldenburg were opposed.   Commissioners Campbell and Garrison were absent.

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