The Week Ahead….Mayor Bowser Walks Hill East on Tuesday

Congressional Cemetery, Wednesday, June 15, 2016, circa 7:00pm

Congressional Cemetery, Wednesday, June 15, 2016, circa 7:00pm

The Week Ahead….Mayor Bowser Walks Hill East on Tuesday

by Larry Janezich

Monday, June 20

  1. ANC6A Transportation & Public Space Committee meets at 7:00pm at Capitol Hill Towers, 900 G Street, NE.

Among items on the agenda:

Petition for Residential Parking Permits by residents on 400 Block of 17th Street, NE (17Solar)

Request for traffic calming measures for 200 Block of 10th Street, NE

Request for traffic study at intersection of 10th Street, NE, and Massachusetts Avenue, NE

Bicycle and vehicle traffic on 1500 Block of C Street, NE

Letter of support for providing dedicated lanes for future western section of DC Streetcar

  1. ANC6B01 and Tortilla Coast will host a re rat abatement at 6:00pm at Tortilla Coast, focusing on the rodent problem along 1st Street, SE, and D Streets, SE and the alley off 1st Street behind Bull Feathers, Subway, and Talay Thai.


The discussion will center around best practices for rat abatement.

Tuesday, June 21

  1. Mayor Bowser’s Neighborhood Walk in Hill East starts at 3:00pm from Stadium Armory Metro Stop. The proposed future home of Andromeda Recovery Clinic at 15th  and Massachusetts is scheduled to be part of the walk.  One of the Mayor’s Ward 6 reps has requested DC’s Director of Behavioral Health to participate. See CHC post on this issue here:
  1. ANC6A ABC Committee meets at 7:00pm at Sherwood Recreation Center, 10th and G Streets, NE

Among items on the agenda:

Discussion of request by H Street Country Club at 1335 H Street, NE, for a change to its hours of live entertainment (requesting addition of entertainment Sunday through Thursday 6:00pm to 1:00am, no change to Friday/Saturday entertainment hours)

Discussion of neighborhood issues related to Master Liquors at 1806 D Street NE.

Discussion of ANC’s protest of expansion of seating and entertainment hours by Sol Mexican Grill at 1251 H Street, NE

  1. The EMCAC Subcommittee for Market Promotions meets at 7:00pm at the Eastern Market Manager’s Office.


The Department of General Services proposal to engage an outside contractor to make recommendations for a five-year plan for Eastern Market.

  1. CHRS Board of Directors meets at 6:30pm, Capitol Hill Townhomes, 750 6th Street, SE, second floor.

Wednesday, June 22

  1. The Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee (EMCAC) will meet at 7:00pm in Eastern Market’s North Hall.

Among items on the agenda:

Report of the Vice Chair on Marketing /promotions committee

Report from the Market Operations Committee meeting to review the plan to undertake a study for a 5 year plan for Eastern Market

Editor’s Note:

Daniel Chao

ANC 6B07 Daniel Chao has sent out the following notice asking the community to donate items to support the Potomac Gardens Summer Camp Programs:

“Total Family Care Coalition at Potomac Gardens is once again starting their Summer Camp Program for children ages 6 to 13.

They are in need of some supplies and are asking for assistance in donations.  If you are able to and wish to donate any of the items below please contact Benita Blaine at or call 202-758-3281.

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